Past SWAN Annual Conferences


The SWAN 10th Annual Conference attracted over 400 attendees from 32 countries, including 64 unique utilities. This year’s theme covered “Moving Beyond Data to Value Creation,” and focused on digital transformations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. SWAN Members can view recordings and materials from the 8 panels, 30 roundtable discussions, and 4 keynote speakers, as well as have access to the pre-Conference Digital Twin Workshop.


SWAN 2019 Conference

The SWAN 9th Annual Conference in Miami attracted over 340 attendees from all over the globe, including 48 unique utilities, and covered navigating the smart water journey: from leadership to results. SWAN Members can view presentations, audience polls, photos, and Digital Twin Workshop presentations, by clicking below.



More than 230 global attendees gathered in Barcelona for a packed and diverse agenda about meeting tomorrow’s water challenges today. SWAN Members can view Conference presentations by clicking on the button below, and Non-Members can view Conference photos here.



The 7th Annual SWAN Conference attracted over 220 attendees from 31 countries. A wide range of speakers focused on the challenges and benefits of creating resilient water and wastewater systems from an IT and service perspective.



Over 180 attendees from 24 countries attended the 2016 SWAN Conference, featuring speakers offering innovative solutions to meet the industry’s growing challenges. 



With 170 attendees from 23 countries, this conference focused on merging IT with water, financial and policy framework, and expanding water quality and wastewater systems.



The 4th global SWAN event in Madrid brought together the key voices in the smart water space from across the industry and around the world.



The 2013 Conference featured topics ranging from the role of smart networks and data in emerging water markets to the role of utilities in developing smart cities.