SWAN Digital Twin H2O Work Group

The goal of the Digital Twin Work Group is to develop a common strategy for adopting Digital Twin technology by bringing together global water leaders from utilities, solution providers, engineering firms, government, and academia.  Digital Twin solutions can help increase utility operational efficiency, saving billions of dollars and improving water quality on a global basis. 

View SWAN – BIM4Water Webinar

This webinar designed to demystify what Product Data Templates (PDTs) are, and how they can be successfully implemented in BIM processes. It will showcase the work of the SWAN Digital Twin H20 Work Group while covering 
a case study of how PDTs are being implemented within Anglian Water’s Strategic Pipelines Alliance (SPA), followed by a panel discussion with a number of water industry experts.

View SWAN Digital Twin Architecture

Developed by SWAN Digital Twin Architecture Subgroup and led by Michael Karl of Brown and Caldwell, this new architecture conveys the different components that comprise a Digital Twin in a water/wastewater system from the physical system to user experience. Click the image below to enlarge and download. 

SWAN DT Architecture

Digital Twin – Water Systems Definition:

Digital Twin is a disruptive technology that provides a virtual/digital representation of both the elements and the dynamics of a water plant or system. If implemented properly, Digital Twin can influence the design, build and operation of the system throughout its life cycle (design-build-operate) and help optimise operation through informed insights. In other words, it is a dynamic software model (hydraulic model + ML) of the physical plant/system based on real-time continuous calibration.   

–Collin J. Parris, VP of Software, GE – “A living model that drives outcomes”

Digital Twin Foundation

(Click image to view doc.)

Work Group Structure 

The SWAN Digital Twin H2O Work Group is co-chaired by Gigi Karmous-Edwards (Karmous-Edwards Consulting), Colby Manwaring (Innovyze) & Andreu Fargas (Consorci Aigues de Tarragona). The Work Group is open to join for free to be an “Observer Member” and receive Group updates. SWAN Members can also become “Active Members” and collaborate to develop a common, global Digital Twin strategy.

The Work Group is divided into three Subgroups with different goals and objectives:

  • Holistic Architecture: Michael Karl, National Smart Utility Technology Manager (Brown and Caldwell) & Chengzi Chew, Business Development Manager – Emerging Technology (DHI)
  • Researcher bij Aquafin NVDigital Twin Lifecycle (Design – Construction – Operation – Customer Experience): Agnethe Pedersen, Industrial PhD Student (VandCenter Syd) & Youri Amerlinck, Researcher (Aquafin NV)
  • BIM and Asset Management: Chris Steele, Head of Digital Products and Services (Binnies) & Jamie Mills, Global BIM Manager (Xylem)
  • Outcomes and Applications: Andy Smith, Smart Water Strategy Manager (Anglian Water) & Pedro Vieira Moreira, IT & Innovation Director (Águas do Porto)

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Active Members 

Aarhus Vand
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DC Water
Kennedy Jenks
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Online Course: Demystifying Digital Twins

Led by Gigi Karmous-Edwards, this course provides a first-of-its kind overview of digital twins in the water industry, covering the basics of digital twins, the synergies between digital twins and digital transformation, and how to implement digital twins to drive real-world business value. 

The course is FREE for SWAN utility and regulators, and 50% off for all other SWAN Members.

4th SWAN Digital Twin Workshop

From May 25-26, 2021, the SWAN Digital Twin Work Group held its 4th Workshop feat. the global Digital Twin journey, an expert Master Class, roundtable session, Digital Twin user experience, and a holistic network management approach. 

View a summary of the Roundtable session to the left. To view the Workshop recordings, presentations, and roundtables – click below.

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