SWAN Digital Twin H2O Work Group

The SWAN Digital Twin H2O Work Group helps accelerate the water sector’s adoption of Digital Twin technology by bringing together global water leaders from utilities, solution providers, engineering firms, government, and academia to help identify and solve relevant utility challenges. Adopting Digital Twin technology can help increase utility operational efficiency, saving billions of dollars and improving water quality on a global basis

2nd SWAN Digital Twin H2O Workshop

The SWAN Digital Twin H2O Work Group held its 2nd Workshop on Nov. 6th at Aquatech Amsterdam showcasing progressive utility and industry leaders’ approaches to implementing Digital Twins, as well as interactive roundtables covering topics on holistic architecture and achieving tangible outcomes.

Digital Twin – Water Systems Definition:

Digital Twin is a disruptive technology that provides a virtual/digital representation of both the elements and the dynamics of a water plant or system. If implemented properly, Digital Twin can influence the design, build and operation of the system throughout its life cycle (design-build-operate) and help optimise operation through informed insights. In other words, it is a dynamic software model (hydraulic model + ML) of the physical plant/system based on real-time continuous calibration.

– Collin J. Parris, VP of Software, GE – “A living model that drives outcomes”

Work Group Structure 

The SWAN Digital Twin H2O Work Group is co-chaired by Gigi Karmous-Edwards, Karmous-Edwards Consulting, Colby Manwaring, CEO of Innovyze & Michael Kanellos, Head of Corp. Communications, OSIsoft.

The Work Group is open for free to be an “Observer Member” and receive Group updates. SWAN Members can also become “Active Members” and collaborate to develop a common Digital Twin strategy for global water utilities. The Work Group is divided into two subgroups: (1) Holistic Architecture; and (2) Outcomes and Applications. Please sign up in the contact form below if you are interested in becoming an “Active” or “Observer” Member in the Work Group

Active Members 

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1st SWAN Digital Twin H2O Workshop

On May 14th, 2019, the SWAN Digital Twin H2O Work Group held its first Workshop in conjunction with the SWAN 2019 Conference, bringing together global water leaders to develop a common understanding of Digital Twin technology and utility implementation practices.  

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