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Discount to Aquatech Smart Water Pavilions. SWAN Members have the opportunity to exhibit at Smart Water Pavilions at: Aquatech China (June 2019) and Aquatech Amsterdam (November 2019 | 55% discount). The offer includes exhibiting space and a speaking opportunity, as well as increased marketing exposure. View the Pavilion Offer for both events. Email for additional information.


70% Discount to new SplashLink Report,Emerging Era of Smart Water Adoption: Trends and Market Demand in the West Market Data Report,” the latest report in the market intelligence series summarising global and US market demand and an in-depth analysis of smart water activity within the West region. View the report. Access the discount offer.


15% discount to Bluefield Research’s report, “Advanced Asset Management in Municipal Water: Global Trends & Strategies, 2018 – 2027.” Bluefield analyzes key market drivers and inhibitors, successful strategies of early adopting utilities, and profiles over 40 innovative solution providers. Order the report. Access the discount offer.


60 day free trial to SplashLink. With over $750 million in available funding, SplashLink provides communities and utilities a gateway to find opportunities from a wide range of sources, as well as the right expertise at the right time. Access discount offer.