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Cities and Communities: Cybersecurity for Water Utilities

This paper provides a summary of best practices and key approaches to identify cyber vulnerabilities and adopt solutions that result in a reliable and robust security foundation, so water utilities can ensure public health and operational resiliency. View Report

Maximising IT and OT Data for Water Utilities

When it comes to deploying Industrial Internet of things (IIOT) systems, capturing data, and putting that data to use, Water Utilities have traditionally trailed behind other industries. However, In the last few years, there has been a broad recognition that data and analytics are essential for improving operations, safety, and customer satisfaction. View Report

Demystifying Intelligent Water: Creating a human-centric future with AI and predictive analytics

Within the next five years, 36% of households won’t be able to afford water and $1.25 trillion worth of U.S. utility assets are consistently being impacted by acute shocks and chronic stressors. Intelligent Water can enable water utilities to make optimal decisions at opportune times for human-centric reasons. View Report 

The Role of ICT in Designing and Planning Infrastructure

This report examines case studies from South Australia Water, Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation, and City of Bend Oregon to demonstrate how data-driven solutions can support network performance by ensuring that global providers make the most informed and optimal decisions. Download Paper


Understanding and Proactively Managing Non-Revenue Water

Non-Revenue Water is a global problem that results in  large volumes of water being lost. There are many different approaches to mapping the extent of the problem and to how it can be reduced. Often however, the complexity is underestimated due to different types of water loss, each of which needs to be dealt with differently. Download Paper


Water 20/20: Bringing Smart Water Networks into Focus

Smart water networks can save utilities across the globe up to $12.5 billion a year according to research commissioned by Sensus. Download Report

Realising the Value of Change with Advanced Asset Management

The paper is the third part of the Demystifying Intelligent Water series. It examines the changing asset management landscape and how incorporating advanced technology can address affordability, workforce and regulatory challenges. View Report

Integrating AMI with Internal Practices to Detect and Reduce Water Loss

From 2017-2018, the Gwinnett County Dept. of Water Resources implemented a pilot project with Jacobs to integrate AMI for flow monitoring, hydrant pressure sensors, cellular communications, and advanced data analytics to detect and reduce water loss The EPA then evaluated the distribution system security. View Report 


Integrated Event Management for Utility Operational Architecture

This white paper proposes a new paradigm for water Event Management drawn from other industries focusing on Asset Management, Customer Relationship Management and the missing layer, “Integrated Event Management.” Download Paper


The Digital Water Utility: The Potential of Smart Metering

The digital water utility arises from recent and ongoing technological advances, that are radically changing utilities’ capabilities, providing an overview of the entire distribution network, all the way to the consumer. Download Paper

Removing the Barriers to Efficient Water Leakage Management

A long-term response to addressing water leakage should involve a comprehensive approach that includes all utility departments. This white paper offers recommendations for how water companies can leverage existing technologies to enable a more sustainable model for longer-term, efficient water leakage management. Download Paper