Member Research

SWAN members lead the industry in cutting-edge research. 

Schneider Electric
Removing the Barriers to Efficient Water Leakage Management

A long-term response to addressing water leakage should involve a comprehensive approach that includes all utility departments. This white paper offers recommendations for how water companies can leverage existing technologies to enable a more sustainable model for longer-term, efficient water leakage management. Download File

Rescuing Revenue

Water utility revenue is in danger. With more than 35% of utilities experiencing year-over-year reductions in revenue, and 80% of utilities finding declining or flat volumetric sales, there is an increasing need for revenue assurance in the water business. Going forward, utilities need a way to both find and maintain revenue. Download File

The Digital Water Utility

The digital water utility arises from recent and ongoing technological advances, which are radically changing utilities’ capabilities, providing an overview of the entire distribution network, all the way to the consumer. Download File


Integrated Event Management

A new ‘must have’ layer in the operational architecture of water utilities. Download File


Water 20/20: Bringing Smart Water Networks into Focus

Smart water networks can save utilities across the globe up to $12.5 billion a year according to research commissioned by Sensus. Download File