Leak detection Case Studies

New Detecting Pressure Spikes and Small Leaks in Álftanes, Iceland (Eramosa)

Inspection of the C2 Pipeline with Nautlius System in France (Aganova)

Acoustic Sensors for Hidden Leak Detection in Italy (Aquarius Spectrum)

Leak Detection on a PVC Line Using Fixed Acoustic Sensors in Texas (Aquarius Spectrum)

Performance and Value Analysis of Satellite Leak Detection Services for Public Authority for Water in Oman (Utilis)

Remote Link Pinpointing in Malaysia (Ovarro)

Leakage Management: Meeting the Challenge in the UK (Ovarro)

Proactive Pipeline Risk Monitoring using Satellite Data Analytics in Canada (Rezatec)

Leak Detection in a Challenging PVC Piping: A Successful Pilot in Florida (Aquarius Spectrum)

Cutting Real Water Loss by Using High-Precision Technologies in Portugal (Xylem)

High-Resolution Data Analysis for Pipe Investigation in the UK (Inflowmatix)

Predictive Analytics for Leak Detection in Sydney

Drying Up Water Leaks in Halifax (OSIsoft)

Transmission Main Leak Detection in New Jersey (Echologics)

Permanent Leakage Monitoring Benefits in Germany (Gutermann)

Installing Flow Meters in Asia (ISOIL)

More research coming soon.