Wastewater Management Case Studies

New TasWater: Saving Oysters with Data (OSIsoft)

The Future of Collection Systems (SmartCover Systems)

Smart Watershed Management in the City of Albany (Opti)

Incident Management for Urban Wastewater Compliance in Ireland (Klir)

Micro Detecting I&I After a Single Rain Event in Alabama (Eastech Flow Controls)

​Long-Term Control Plan Optimisation in South Bend, Indiana (Optimatics)

Controlling the Nitrogen Removal Process at a Wastewater Treatment Plant in China (s::can)

Smart Sewer Collection Reduces CSO’s in Cincinnati, Ohio (Jacobs)

A 99% Reduction in Sewer Overflows in the City of Hawthorne, California (SmartCover Systems)

Lift Station Control and Monitoring in Manitoba, Canada (Xylem)

​Optimising Sewer Maintenance in San Antonio, Texas (SmartCover Systems)

Sewer System Optimisation in Fort Wayne, Indiana (Optimatics)

Colorado Springs Utilities Effectively Controls Aeration Blowers, Reduces Operating Costs (s::can)

More research coming soon.