Water Network Management Case Studies

New Artificial Intelligence Enables Reductions to Replacement Spending and in Failures in US (Xylem)

New Utility Prioritises Pipe Replacement Projects and Reduces Planning Time with Advanced Risk Analytics in North Carolina (Xylem)

Increasing Operational Efficiency through Improved Network Visibility in Chile (TaKaDu)

Actionable Data Outcomes from Rising Main Monitoring Programme in the UK (Syrinix)

Optimisation of City West Water Main Renewals in Australia (Optimatics)

Creating a Risk-based Approach to Dam Monitoring and Maintenance in Australia (Rezatec)

Inspection in Water Supply Network Pipeline in Catalonia (Aganova)

Implementation of an Automated System for Pump Control in the UK (Ovarro)

How Satellites are Changing the way Water Resources are Managed in the Philippines (Rezatec)

Hydraulic Network Monitoring for Networks with Dynamic Topology in the UK (Inflowmatix)

A Total Automation System for the Water Industry (ABB)

The City of Tarragona Upgraded to a Smart Drinking Water Network (s::can)

Integrated Control Systems, LIMS, Mobile O&M Data and IT in Ontario (KISTERS)

Managing Water Resources in Real-Time to Improve System Reliability in England (AVEVA)

Improving Service through Big Data Analytics in the Netherlands (AVEVA)

More research coming soon.