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The 5th Annual SWAN Conference welcomed over 170 attendees from 23 countries. The discussions covered vital aspects of the industry from merging IT with water, customer engagement, the regulatory environment, financial and policy framework, expanding to water quality and wastewater systems. Below, view the Conference agenda, “Ask the Audience” survey results, and Conference photos.


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Day 1

SWAN Conference Introduction

  • Keith Hilson & Amir Peleg, SWAN Council


Merging Smart Cities and Smart Water 
Keynote: Anil Menon, Cisco


What business benefits can be achieved from data?
Moderator: Edna Nakati, Itron

  • Eva Martínez Díaz, FCC Aqualia
  • Zohar Yinon, Hagihon
  • Mike Bishop, DCWW Welsh Water
  • Zheng Yi Wu, Bentley Systems Inc.


How can we use data to offer innovative customer service solutions?
Moderator: Marco Fantozzi, Studio Marco Fantozzi

  • Francisco Javier Fernandez, Canal de  Isabel II Gestión, S.A.
  • Jeremy Heath, Sutton and East Surrey Water
  • Emilio Attilio Lanfranchi – Metropolitana Milanese
  • Jacob Tompkins, Waterwise


SWAN Update

  • Amir Peleg & Andrew Burrows, SWAN Council


What are the trade-offs between in-house v. vendor solutions?
Moderator: Marc Bracken, Echologics

  • Thomas Perianu, Lyonnaise des Eaux
  • Michael Baker, Northumbrian Water
  • Simon Bunn, Derceto
  • Stephen Beadle, Schneider Electric


Keynote session: What are the regulatory aspects of Smart Water Networks?
Moderator: Chrysi Laspidou, CERTH

  • Simon Markall,  Ofwat
  • Evelyn Hartzell, EPA
  • Duncan McCombie, Energy Saving Trust


Keynote session: A global outlook towards Smart Water Networks

  • David Zetland, Leiden University College
  • Keith Hays, Bluefield Research
  • David Lloyd Owen, Envisager


How can we maximise the life of our existing assets? 
Moderator: David Shore, TaKaDu Advisory Board

  • Genest Cartier, Veolia
  • Emyr Costa, Odebrecht Environmental
  • Paul Woolvine, 3M
  • James Dunning, Syrinix
Day 2
Keynote: Dragan Savic, University of Exeter
How can we achieve standardisation in the European smart water sector?
Moderator: Roger Moore, HR Wallingford
  • Didier Sinapah, Suez Environnement
  • Lydia Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia, University of Exeter
  • Antonio Matamala,KISTERS Ibérica
  • Dr. Andreas Hauser, TÜV SÜD


What is the transition from AMR to AMI?   
Moderator: Tom Mills, Sensus

  • Martin Hall, Thames Water
  • Graham Symmonds, FATHOM
  • Tal Zur, Arad Group
  • Ken Thompson, CH2M


How can we exploit the full potential of water quality monitoring technologies?  

Moderator: Leo Carswell, WRc plc

  • Rik Thijssen, Vitens
  • Heidi Rauhamäki, Tampere Water
  • Joep van den Broeke, Optiqua Technologies
  • Seth Vance, Hach


How can we make wastewater systems smarter?
Moderator: Oliver Grievson, WIPAC

  • Biju George, DC Water
  • Rebecca Harrison, Anglian Water
  • Derek Buckland, Utilitec
  • David Butler, University of Exeter


What is the energy savings potential in a distribution system?
Moderator: Manuel Parra, Schneide Electric

  • Andreu Fargas Marquès, Consorci Aigues Tarragona
  • Wagner Carvalho, Prolagos (AEGEA)
  • Morten Riis, Grundfos
  • Simon Bunn, Derceto


What is the long-term vision for Smart Water Networks? 
Moderator: Zoran Kapelan, University of Exeter

  • Amir Peleg, TaKaDu
  • Andrew Burrows, i2O Water
  • Michal Koenig, Qualcomm
  • Dr. Mariano Ortega de Mues, Indra