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SWAN Reports

Survey Results from WE&RF Big Data & Urban Sewershed Management Study

In 2017, SWAN conducted three research surveys on behalf of WE&RF-CH2M to determine the current challenges, capabilities, and state of (1) Sensor networks in urban sewersheds (sewer collection systems) and (2) Big Data solutions in water distribution networks. The results will be used to identify the major use cases to be addressed, the available and required technologies, as well as a gap analysis.

Click HERE to view the final survey results (available only to SWAN members). 

SWAN Report: Data-Driven Solutions to U.S. Wastewater Challenges

With aging infrastructure and unpredictable weather, U.S. cities are increasingly experiencing sewage overflows, which pose a severe threat to human health and the local environment. This 2016 report demonstrates how four U.S. cities were able to prevent such spills by adopting data technologies.

Click HERE to download the report (available only to SWAN members). 

smart wastewater system

SWAN White Paper: Communication in Smart Water Networks

Many different communication protocols are currently used which do not allow interoperable communication. A seamless and interoperable communication and operation is needed to foster the deployment and acceptance of smart water applications, which in turn requires generally accepted communication protocols.

This SWAN Interoperability Workgroup is dedicated to fostering the interoperability of smart water applications. We have set the goal to list generally applied communication protocols in smart water networks applications (e.g. Leakage Detection, Pressure Management, Water Quality Monitoring or Asset Management), and to define the communication-related requirements of the involved components. This represents a first step towards the broad field of interoperability.

Click HERE to download the White Paper.

Benchmarking Quality of Service: An International Comparison of Water Regulators

Improving customer service is a key business driver for water utilities. However, what differentiates high quality service from poor quality service and how are utilities measured by their performance? This white paper examines how five, international water regulators in Australia, Brazil, the Netherlands, UK, and U.S. uniquely benchmark and incentivise their operators to improve their quality of service.

Click HERE to view the abstract.

Click HERE to download the report (available only for SWAN Members).

SWAN Interactive Architecture Tool

A product of cross-industry collaboration, the SWAN Interactive Architecture Tool captures the many-to-many relationships inherent in a smart water architecture. Users may identify data-driven solutions to their specific network challenges and business drivers and navigate through interactive architectural diagrams to understand how different technologies interconnect.

SWAN Tool Image

Tool users may click on individual technology components to learn about their function, benefits and system requirements, as well as view informative case studies, solution benefit analyses, and the “Solution Providers” page.

Click HERE to view User Testimonials.

Click HERE to go to the Tool Homepage.

                                                                      SWAN Global Utility Survey

In 2014, SWAN conducted a Global Utility Survey of 33 utilities in 15 countries to obtain a snapshot of water utility networks, including their challenges, opportunities and areas of focus. The diversity of utility respondents – by geography, number of connections, network length, and level of technology adoption – provides a great lens through which to view current utility thinking and practices related to Smart Water Networks.

Click HERE to download the report (available only for SWAN members). 

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SWAN Research: The Value of Online Network Monitoring
swan report1

Supported by the Smart Water Networks Forum, Hydrospin and TaKaDu have conducted a joint research to examine the perceived and proven value of frequent online water monitoring. Based on a survey conducted among water utilities worldwide, the research outlines the current state of monitoring in different water utilities and the common perception of real-time online water monitoring.

The research highlights the value components of water monitoring and key benefits of online monitoring, including water and energy savings, increased network visibility, prevention of damage and early detection of network issues. Looking into the future, the survey results indicate a high likelihood of real-time online water monitoring becoming increasingly popular, en route to being an integral element of water networks.

Click HERE to download the report (available only for SWAN members). 


SWAN APAC Alliance
SWAN APAC Alliance Webinar – “Pioneering Utility Smart Water Innovation is Asia-Pacific”

On May 16, 2018, the SWAN Asia-Pacific Alliance held its first webinar highlighting three, leading regional utilities: Unitywater, PUB, and Watercare, each deploying innovative smart water solutions.

View the free recording HERE.

SWAN NAM Alliance

SWAN North American Alliance Webinar – “Cyber Security Threats and Opportunities”

On March 27, 2018, the SWAN NA Alliance held its fourth webinar highlighting cyber security threats and opportunities, featuring speakers from AWWA, Black & Veatch, and NIST.

View the free recording HERE.

SWAN NAM Alliance

SWAN North American Alliance Webinar – “Delivering Smart Water Solutions in Wastewater Networks”

On September 20, 2017, the Alliance held its third webinar highlighting key strategies and tools to succeed in implementing digital wastewater solutions featuring speakers from DC Water, Clean Water Services, and CH2M

View the free recording HERE.

SWAN NAM Alliance

SWAN North American Alliance Webinar – “Boosting the Adoption of Smart Water Networks through Policy”

The SWAN NA Alliance held its second webinar on June 8, 2017 about “Boosting Smart Water Policy” featuring speakers from the EPA, EmNet, IoT Impact LABS, and West Monroe Partners.

View the free recording HERE.

SWAN NAM Alliance

SWAN North American Alliance Webinar – “Promoting a Data-Enabled Smart Water Future”

On Nov. 1, 2016, industry leaders gathered for a webinar to discuss best practices, success stories and challenges in deploying smart solutions across the North American water market. The talk featured speakers from DC Water, the EPA, GE Water, and SWAN.

View the free recording HERE.

swan 2016

SWAN Webinar – “SWAN Architecture Interactive Tool”

It was great to share the new SWAN SMART SCORE and SWAN Interactive Architecture Tool with so many of you on our October 10th, 2014 webinar.

Download a summary of the webinar.

View a short overview of the SWAN Tool.

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