SWAN Workshop Programme – Oct. 20, 2016

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    Session 1: How to achieve water resilience through innovation     Chair: Keith Hilson, SWAN Council and i2O (UK)

                                                                   SWAN Introduction                                                                      Amir Cahn, SWAN Forum (UK)

                                           The EC roadmaps for ICT for water management                                           Marcin Stachura (Poland)

                                               Advanced data integration, export and analysis                                               Giorgio Magni, ISOIL (Italy)

                                             Measuring risks to service and resiliency                                               Francisco Cubillo, Canal de Isabel II (Spain)

       Solutions to reduce leakages, energy costs and optimize pressure surges in the water network         Alberto Pautasso, Grundfos (Denmark)

                                                Pump station efficiency: A new way of thinking                                                 Simon Bunn, Suez Smart Solutions (New Zealand)

                         Session 2: The keys to data integration                                        Chair: Stephen Galea St. John, Water Services Corporation (Malta)       

                                     Innovative online system for drinking water monitoring                                        Fabio Marelli, Angela Manenti & Marzia Bernasconi, MM, (Italy)

                         TEA water quality laboratory: From a legal obligation to an opportunity                        M. Pedroni, B. Truzzi, G. Bonetti, Tea Acque (Italy)

      The integration of smart meter in a water grid: A perspective from a multi-utility company  Marcello Bondesan, HERA (Italy)

   Advanced technologies for asset management water loss management in transmission pipes     Kevin Laven, Echologics (Canada), Alessandro Giusto, Saint-Gobain PAM (Italy)

               Dynamic asset management: Asset management evolution with Smart Networks                     D.Duccini, A. Letexier, D.Sinapah, SUEZ (France)

    Sustainable management of water at basin scale using advanced DSS and multilayer analysis:                                                                    The CAP Group experience                                                                Maurizio Gorla, CAP Group (Italy)