SWAN Workgroups

SWAN Workgroups will define the future of Smart Water Networks through discussions, meetings, networking and knowledge sharing. 

In an effort to meet its newly defined goals, the SWAN Forum has initiated dedicated Workgroups in several key areas, in order to achieve tangible targets. We invite all SWAN members to take an active role in each of these groups by engaging in activities, discussions and sharing your own experience and expertise in our market. 

SWAN Workgroup

Chaired by SWAN members, the goal of each Workgroup is to: 

  1. Identify, map and report on the current state of affairs and on opportunities.
  2. Discuss and recommend potential approaches and measurable actions.
  3. Define and share best practices, common formats, standards and approaches with the SWAN member community.

Workgroup I – Smart Water Networks Interoperability

Chairman: Dr. Andreas Hauser, Head of Water Services, TÜV SÜD

Smart Water Networks are data-driven. Seamless and reliable data collection, exchange and processing are key for efficient and safe network operation. However, the current use of differing, often proprietary, data formats and communication protocols require significant engineering work in order to achieve system interoperability. The SWAN Forum Interoperability Workgroup is focused on bringing together industry leaders to accelerate innovation and standardise data protocols. The group is working towards establishing an industry-wide consensus about the use of interoperable communication protocols and a common information model.

The Workgroup is currently working on an overview of specification and requirements for communications in Smart Water Networks. Components that are relevant for communications are described in general and within a specific Smart Water Network application. Applications that are being analysed include Advanced Pressure Management, Leakage Detection, Energy Management and Smart Water Quality Monitoring.

Workgroup II – Smart Water Networks Architecture

Chairman: Ken Thompson, CH2M, SWAN President

Water utilities are constantly exploring ways to better evaluate their current practices and increase their network efficiency. To this end, the SWAN Architecture Workgroup developed the SWAN Interactive Architecture Tool, which allows water utilities to explore smart water technologies according to their specific challenge areas. Utilities can navigate specific solutions through interactive architectural diagrams, and then view relevant case studies and benefit analyses. The Workgroup also developed the SWAN SMART SCORE, a 13-question, multiple-choice survey which assesses the extent to which a utility is taking advantage of existing technologies. Upon completion, utilities receive a quantitative score and a general categorisation of their level of advancement. The Workgroup is now currently advancing both Tools and seeking industry experts. 

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